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  • Our Departments and Classes

    Our Music, Dance and Art Departments Offer Private and Group Lessons
  • We cultivate exceptional educators across NYC and honor their skills, creativity, and excellence in the classroom.

  • Our teachers are world travelers, savvy expats, and brilliant polyglots. We hire teachers that are not only awesome teachers but also amazingly talented at other things. Your teacher can likely recommend a great foreign band in town, outlast you on the Salsa floor, and cultivate the perfect international playlist for a spontaneous road trip… all while also being incredibly good at teaching you how to dance, sign or play chess!

    • Art
      Many kids love to draw and have an artist’s filling. Hundreds children took art lessons at school. Classes for children from age 3 and adults.
    • Baby Lessons
      Age from 2 to 5.
    • Chess
      From the beginning to advanced classes. Participating in domestic and city chess competition. Classes for children from age 4 and adults.
    • Dance
      Classical Ballet all levels include pontes (lyrical and modern ballet). Modern dance, jazz, hip-hop and top-dancing. Ballroom dance, standard and Latina.
    • Drama
      Knowledge to perform and performing on the stage as an actor or host. Putting the play on the stage "Central Park".
    • Music
      Individual lessons consist of knowledge of theory of music, reading notes, musical technic, developing of memory and full learning of instrument.
    • Musical Theater
      Vocal performing plus stage behavior combining knowledge of singing and body movements. Broadway musicals are in the programs.
    • Musical Rhythmic
      Singing sons, marching and listening of the music: classical composers Tchaikovsky (Album for the young’s), Shuman (Children’s album), Grieg (Peer Gynt).
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