Music Department

  • Department Overview

    Our Music, Dance and Art Departments Offer Private and Group Lessons
  • Music Department

    Individual lessons consist of knowledge of theory of music, reading notes, musical technic, developing of memory and full learning of instrument.

    Music of program consist of world famous composition of different centuries composers.

    Twice a year (winter and summer) every student performs at the school concerts – recitals.

    The honors students also perform at Steinway Hall (two concerts a year) and Symphony Space Theater.

    2016-year concert will take place May 21st at 6pm at Steinway Hall. This concert will be dedicated to 35th anniversary of the Shostakovich School.

    Many instrumental students participate in piano, violin, vocal competitions in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston and New York. School raised many winners, 1st and 2nd places.

    Lessons starts from age 4 till adults. We have lessons 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min. All lessons are private. Piano duets and chamber duets also exist.

    We prepare instrumental students for the test in the schools of gifted and talented such as Mark Twain, Bay Academy – junior high schools and La Guardia High School. Instruments qualified for this tests: piano, violin, cello, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, classical guitar and voice.

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  • Music Teachers

    We cultivate exceptional educators across NYC and honor their skills, creativity, and excellence in the classroom.
    • Irna Volynski
      Piano Teacher

      Graduated from Kiev Conservatory.

    • Roman Davidovich
      Violin Teacher

      Graduated from Moscow Conservatory, PhD in Music.

    • Svetlana Dubova
      Guitar Teacher

      Graduated from Kiev State Institute of Culture.

    • Sofia Fomina
      Piano Teacher

      Sofiya Fomina is an outstanding piano teacher with broad experience in her profession. She graduated from Minsk Music Conservatory, and since then she worked as a piano teacher in Belorussia and Tashkent.

    • Alexander Glukhoy
      Guitar Teacher

      Alexander graduated from Moscow academy, majoring as a professional guitar player and a teacher. He has a background in teaching in US and Ukraine and training students in US for getting in to prestigious schools.

    • Dora Gluzman
      Piano Teacher

      Graduated from Lvov Conservatory.

    • Georgi Goryadze
      Cello Teacher

      Graduated from Tbilisi Conservatory.

    • Boris Kurganov
      Saxophone Teacher
    • Olga Lomteva
      Drums and Voice Teacher

      Olga has performed with numerous companies all over the world, presenting her extensive repertoire of operatic roles by Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Mussorgsky.

    • Tatiana Paletskaya
      Drums and Voice Teacher

      Graduated from Moscow Conservatory, Soloist of American Opera.

    • Irina Prirodnaya
      Piano Teacher

      Graduated from Donetsk Conservatory.

    • Irina Shchipacheva
      Piano Teacher

      Graduated from Kiev Conservatory.

    • Irina Shein
      Piano Teacher

      Graduated from Rostov-On-Don Conservatory.

    • Gennadiy Sinelnikov
      Piano Teacher

      Graduated from Gnessin State Musical College (Moscow).

    • Alexander Tenenbaum
      Violin Teacher
    • Diana Trost
      Executive Director Music School & Day Care
    • Palina Tsinkevich
      Guitar Teacher
    • Palina Tsynkevich
      Drums and Voice Teacher

      Graduated from Brooklyn College.

    • Irina Volynsky
      Piano Teacher