Day Care Pre-School

1 Year 10 Months - 5 Years Old
  • Class Overview

    Our Music, Dance and Art Departments Offer Private and Group Lessons
  • Day Care Pre-School

    3 Homemade hot meals.

    Lessons: English (Spelling, Reading and Language), Russian (Book reading, Poems, Dramatic games, Math, Logic, Numbers and Counting, Drawing, Painting & Crafts, Free-Ballet, Music, Rhythmic Lessons).

    Large playground, air condition rooms, birthday parties, holidays parties, celebrating with parents.

    After school program, homemade lunch, home works, summer camp, dramatic games, celebrating with parents. After school program: home works, full days during school vacations. Summer Camp for the ages 4 till 8.

    • Age Group:
      from 2 years old
    • Location:
      297 Avenue X
      Brooklyn, NY 11223
    • Location:
      1938 Bath Avenue
      Brooklyn, NY 11214
    • Phone:
      (718) 376-8056
    • Working Hours:
      7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
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  • Teachers

    With education and experience in early childhood care
    • Fina Babin
      Day Care Pre-School Teacher
    • Olena Bila
      Day Care Assistant Teacher
    • Maria Blobshteyn
      Day Care Cook
    • Alina Nudelman
      Certified Day Care Teacher
    • Irina Tomin
      Day Care Pre-School Teacher
    • Diana Trost
      Executive Director Music School & Day Care
    • Tamara Voinova
      Assistant Teacher, Day Care
    • Alona Zhelezko
      Day Care Pre-School Teacher